Zoomiee is about convenience.

You focus on the game, pros take the pictures.

Better pictures for better memories.

Have you ever noticed that when you tell a story about a great picture, you remember a lot of details and emotion. Bad pictures often lead to bad stories that focus on how disappointing the picture is. Make your stories 'Pop' use Zoomiee.

Zoomiee Membership Levels

Whether you attend 1 game in the season or all games, Zoomiee has a membership level for you. You will pay less for pictures than you would pay for a large soda at the game. The soda satisfies you for a little while the pictures will provide memories for years.
Building a company from scratch is hard!  I was a pilot in the Marine Corps and have lots of experience accomplishing hard missions.

Bronchae Brown Zoomiee, inc.


Zoomiee for Military Parents

Several members of our team are military veterans and know first hand how deployments force you to miss special moments. Zoomiee has special programs for military parents so they can receive game time pictures no matter where duty takes them.

More to come

We are developing ways to bring the convenience of Zoomiee to other activities so you can "Put down the Phone, and Be in the Moment!" Join us so you can experience the ease of Zoomiee.


My daughter does competitive dance and I always want pictures. Zoomiee was doing a test at a competition in Kansas City and I signed up. Pictures popped up on my phone during the competition and they were beautiful. I can't wait to use this again.

Brianna McGuire Dance Mom

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